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Thread: What type of videographer are you?

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    Default What type of videographer are you?

    In a recent blog, I highlighted four types of videographer ( I thought it would be interesting to see what one you think you are...

    • Enthusiast

    You film for fun, whether that's holidays, sports or nature.
    You've got limited gear, but what limited you have is well used and probably seen better days.
    Hopefully you'll get new gear if you can find the money.
    You like to enter contests, but it's a all a bit of fun.

    • Prosumer

    You've spent far too much money over the last few years (and earn a lot less from your video work than you spend).
    You probably spend almost as much time talking about video than actually filming and your equipment is in pristine condition (some of your gear's only been used a few times).
    You've got a Vimeo account, but probably haven't uploaded a video there for at least a year. The last video you uploaded probably had "test" in the title.
    You really should put some of your kit on eBay.

    • Filmmaker

    You've entered at least one festival in the last year.
    You spend a frustrating amount of time with actors.
    You've got a showreal and it's upto date.

    • Broadcaster

    Video is your main source of income and you're always buying new bits of kit to keep up with tech.
    You haven't updated your showreal in years. You think you probably should.
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    Currently wandering about in the Prosumer field, trying to find a fence small enough to jump over into Filmmaker

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    Can I sit somewhere between Enthusiast and Fiilmmaker without coming anywhere near Prosumer?
    How is that possible? I'm not allowed to spend (much) money on it, but I do spend far more time than is healthy. I work with other people, use other people's equipment, generally enter BIAFF. Do it for more than fun, but not with a view to making a career out of it.
    Documentaries and Drama rather than places, nature and sports.
    I sit closer to Enthusiast than Filmmaker. Adn there are a few hints of Prosumer there (the Vimeo account - although I have uploaded within a year but it didn't have "test".
    On the other hand I do get asked to do non paid commercial work to a small extent (eg the girl who ran a ceramics painting busines wanted to use some of the footage of my daughter's fifth birthday on her website and a woman I work with has got me to do a n instrutional video for the Talking News.
    And, of course, I chair the local video makeing club.

    I'll stick down "Enthusiast", but I want "Amateur"

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    I want "Amateur"
    Me too...or "Hobbyist". I guess that doesn't count as a "Videographer" though, so I refrain from voting at the moment

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    Amateur and hobbyist are both firmly in the enthusiast camp.

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    OK, voted

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    I feel when Marc wrote the description of the prosumer he was writing about me. I am such a wanna be pro, I have spent too much money on equipment and made such little money from it. I spend my life on this forum talking about videos. It's kind of right about Vimeo but that's only because I only use it my show reel, which is current. The rest of my stuff goes on YouTube.

    I'd like to jump into the field of film maker but I feel I have to learn my trade first and doing it for money and not just the usual stuff I do.

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    Sounds like you'd put yourself in Broadcaster out of those four options.

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    I guess I'm in the broadcaster bracket, though I'm still an enthusiast. My income comes solely from video and photography and like a filmmaker I still torment myself over the edits and angles I should have grabbed.
    I don't buy much equipment anymore, just maintain the stuff I have until it becomes totally defunct.
    I will though, eventually, go over to the DSLR video side, but only when the focus pulls and sound issues are truly to my liking.
    I've gone through life seeing things just a little bit differently than many of my contemporaries and I'll never be able to change that, or wish to, but I'm glad that clients appreciate my look at life enough to help me pay my bills.

    p.s. who appointed Marc the video forum physcho analyst
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

    Ex A.P.V Videomaker of the year - Ex M.M. IOV Come join my EXclusive club

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    p.s. who appointed Marc the video forum physcho analyst
    Probably an inside job?

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