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Thread: Image quality on my nikon d3200

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    Default Image quality on my nikon d3200

    Hi everybody, just registered on this forum and hoping to pick up some tips etc as i've just bought my very first dslr camera (nikon d3200). I realise that it's an entry level camera but i was told it would be a good one to learn with. I have taken some pictures with it in auto mode just to get me going and they seem great. I have a fitness studio and took some pictures of the classes and put them on to my site Billinge Health and Fitness Studio -. I know i can get some better pics when i get into manual mode and when i buy a decent lens etc but for now i think they'll suffice

    My question is... I made a little video interview with one of our customers to use on the home page and although the interview went really well i am not happy with the image quality, especially when the video is viewed a bit bigger if you watch it in youtube? I have seen some great video demos on the web with this camera and my video pales in comparison. Is it because i'm only using the lens kit that i got with the camera or is it the lighting or is it the video mode i used? I'm really happy with the sound quality as we used an external mic but i'm disappointed with the blurry video quality as i expected it to be crystal clear?

    Ps i don't have the camera with me at the moment so i can't remember the video settings but i left them on the settings that the camera came with. I think it was 1080p but unsure on frame rate (would frame rate setting make all the difference?)

    Any guidance would be much appreciated as, as i said, this is my first camera and i'm new to all of this

    Thanks in advance


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    I don't know what the original footage looks like but from the YouTube footage it just looks as though you didn't get the subject in focus. Apart from that the framing and lighting is ok and the sound is luckily quite good for a first shoot.

    Try doing some test shots were you have the time to really get the right focus and you will see a big difference.
    Set the resolution to 1080. This is the highest resolution. The other camera settings should be 25 frames per second, Shutter speed 50th of a second (50/1), Adjust the iris to get the correct exposure. These setting will get you started and as you learn more about filming you can adjust these setting to get different looks to the image like shallow depth of field etc.

    Have fun.

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