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Thread: need help picking out some software

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    Default need help picking out some software

    hey my names Pat, i need some help picking out some video editing software, im 14, new at this and i wouldnt want to spend anything over 200 or so..i was just wondering if yall could point me out to a good software, with nice features that also alow you to edit in your own music of your choice..thank you very much to who ever gets back to this

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    Pat, welcome. I think I speak for a lot of regulars on the board when I recommend Adobe Premiere Elements. Functionality relative to the 'full' Premiere appears to be very high, there's a huge infrastructure supporting it - and it's well within your budget.
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    Default Re: need help picking out some software

    Quote Originally Posted by acdc554
    im 14, new at this and i wouldnt want to spend anything over 200 or so..
    Oh, how I would have loved to have had 200 (quid/dollars) in my pocket to spend when I was 14 I counted myself lucky if I had 10p to buy some sweets

    Seriously though, I agree that Premiere Elements should give you what youy're looking for. Isuspect that, like Premiere Pro, there is a trial you can download to test it out for a month before you part with any money though.

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