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Thread: Video Splicing.

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    Default Video Splicing.

    Hello everyone,

    I have looked around theses forums a bit and I have not yet seen an answer to the question I have, so I have created this post.

    I hope I posted this in the correct area, and that someone might be able to help me with an issue I am having.

    I have 3 diffrent cameras, these cameras all see in different spectrum, I have a UV camera, an IR camera and an HD Camera that sees visible light.

    All three Cameras are mounted on a fixed plate and face the same direction and are focused at the same subject.

    I wish to take the video output of all three cameras, and overlay them onto each other so that I have a single image on a single monitor in real time.

    Has this been done before? Can this be done? Does anyone have any suggestions? (Polite suggestions only please)

    Thanks to all of you in advance,


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    This is way outside my technical comfort zone here, but . . . . what are/can be the outputs from these cameras? Once you have a convergence of output - all do RGB - then all I can see is that would you require is a video "switcher" of some sort?


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    I am much more technically minded and have very little experience with Video editing, this is why I have come to these forums. I can do HDMI, RGB or analog outputs from the 3 cameras. I think a software solution might be the route I need to go, but I don't know of anything that's out there that might be able to merge the 3 inputs into one output and sync them. I would like to also add a 4ths input that is an overlay generated by software.

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    OK, I have several physical video switcher-type options, they are sitting in front of me. I can have a multiple RGB, S-Video and or firewire INs or OUTs. I can imagine getting a physical switcher of the RGB via an analogue to firewire - that'll be the analogue to digital conversion - and then into the PC. What I have no knowledge about once coming IN to the pc with a live feed how then to switch, using the PC to go from each camera? I only know of a mechanical switch.



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    The easiest way to achieve this is by optically combining the images...this is not elegant, but cuts out all the electronic stuff and risks, etc.
    You may end up having to get a piece of kit made and software written - but I'm guessing this is some industrial process, so maybe money isn't such an issue...?

    Normally, as you will know, the vision-mixer take a feed from one of several, whilst monitoring the other cameras in case something exciting happens (eg Football matches). However, you want a combination of all three TOGETHER at the same time
    - making this somewhat "unusual"
    +++ do let us know how it's resolved...
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    This is also outside my technical area as well. BUT once you have got the feeds into the PC there are a number of "Vision Mixer software" options around. I can't advise about these but I know Google has a number of results for the search term some free like THIS and some very much not free like THIS. If you check out the Black Magic design website I know they have some products that you may be interested in.

    As this is more of a broadcast rather than video editing issue I can't be of any more help than this.

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    Outside my tech area as well.
    I assume the PC would need a card to accept the incoming streams, like these ones Video Capture Cards | Videum .
    They tend to ship with some general software and I remember Winnov used to provide details of the API; thus allowing developers to write their own. I suspect, it is probably relatively easy (for a programmer) to read 4 video channels and overlay them in a single video window.

    I would recommend the solution allows for:
    1) adjustment of the image position (in case the cams are misaligned).
    2) adjustment of the image to allow for the fact that the images are being taken at slightly different angles.
    3) adjustment of how much of each signal (luma) to each video feed.

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    this is much along the lines of what I was thinking, the soloution to my problem would almost certainly need to be controlled by software. The 3 allowances you listed at the bottom, I have also been thinking about these and I agree that they would almost certainly need to be accounted for.

    Thank you all for your responses.

    Anyone know a good programer?


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    Is this card capable of receiving and displaying 3 inputs simultaneously? (2 analog and 1 digital) - Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro HDMI and Analog Editing Card - PCI Express
    [ Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro HDMI and Analog Editing BINTSPRO ]

    Thanks again for all of your help so far.

    I need to have 3 inputs from 3 cameras the first two cameras are as follows:
    SONY XC-EU50 1/2" Near UV Sensitive B/W Camera
    SONY XC-EI30 1/3" B/W Analog Near Infrared Camera EIA
    These two analog cameras are both 12 pin outputs and would need to be changed to BNC which is easy enough with a single cable.
    Then I need to over lay the B/W images from these two over top of a color image from a 1080P digital camera and display them simultaneously. I think Tim's comment about software correction is dead on, but I need to get the hardware components all setup before I start with software.

    Any advice?


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    I recommend asking the company. I think the question is:

    Although the 'Intensity Pro HDMI and Analog Editing Card - PCI Express' has 3 available video input sockets, can each channel be recorded simultaneously, into three input streams into the PC?

    Blackmagic Intensity Pro

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