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Thread: Footprints: In Someset Cast and Crew Trailer

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    Default FIS Trailer

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    Default Bump...

    Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the trailer, website, company, idea etc...

    How many people have actually viewed it so far?

    Cheers Tom

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    Well I took a little time this morning and had a look see while drinking my first cup of coffee. Website looks very clean and easy to navigate. Obviously some time went into your design and it shows. It is amazing how something can be done so simply and yet look professional. Wish others would take note sometimes.

    Video: As you stated it is a mixture or shots and from what I saw looks to be nicely filmed. The only thing that really stuck out every time was the hollow sound as if the person was talking in a hall or something when speaking. Looks like you all had a very fun time putting this together and obviously by reading what you went through many hours of lost sleep and planning. I am sure the finished product looks good and interesting concept.

    Wish you well on your future endeavors.

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    Itís fun viewing, and you all look as if you really want to connect. As you say, it wanders from one topic to another randomly. Not sure if the music suited it, but I agree itís a great rock number.

    I think it needs polishing up a bit. You all had a brief spoken part onscreen, but not much. Maybe some greater detail of at least one of you would add something to the mix. Itís a vid that seems unsure of what itís doing.

    I hope you enjoyed using the kit, Iím sure youíll all do well with this project, and it's an interesting website. Will we get a glimpse of the final video?

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    I feel it's a bit too "personal" to be critiqued.

    I always feel that videos like this need to be supremely slick, fast paced and punchy (if that's not too much of a contradiction with slick!) to grab the interest of someone that's not related to the video.
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    Default Thank you

    Thanks for the comments
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