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Thread: 2 tuff questions about this video: Can you use Vegas Pro to make a video like this?

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    Default 2 tuff questions about this video: Can you use Vegas Pro to make a video like this?

    In the video linked below, you will see a an animated figure that is the subject of this post. It's entire body is blue, it has white teeth, two arms, two legs and white eyes. I'm new to the world of video editing, and for several weeks I've been wondering about a wonderful video like this one, a video that has this type of animated character (I'll call the character I'm referring to "Blue Guy"). This is what I've been wondering:

    1) Could you create Blue Guy with Vegas Pro? Or would you need to use another editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or Avid Media Composer in order to create Blue Guy?

    2) What is the technique called that the video editor used to create Blue Guy? In other words, what 2, 3, or 4 keywords would you type into Google in order to find videos, tutorials and information that would teach a newbie how to make Blue Guy?

    I've watched a lot of Vegas tutorials at Youtube, there are hundreds of them. Odd, none of them show you how to make something like Blue Guy, not one! I wonder why that is? A Vegas tutorial that shows you how to make a Blue Guy would get a ton of hits!! A big thanks in advance on shedding light on how someone could go about of making an animated figure like Blue Guy.

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    What is the animation you are talking about in this link. It's just a guy advertising his very cheap editing services.

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    You're right, it's a different video, but the high tech animated figure is still there. It looks like the professional editor changed his video. In today's case, the animated figure is still there but it's not Blue Guy. In today's video the animated figure is a robot and is shown starting at the 8s mark and ends at the 25s mark. Sorry for the confusion, but that's the Internet for you, it's pretty fluid. Still wondering if it's possible to make a robot like that with Sony Vegas or if you need something super high tech like Avid Media Composer. Do you see the animated robot that starts at the 8s mark?
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    Ok, no video editing program can create that sort of animation. To make something like that you need 3D animation Software. Use this link for a list of 3d animation software.

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    Oh boy that' so disappointing. Too bad. It would be hard to find the training necessary to make that kind of animation. The only familiar name on that list is Macromedia Flash. All the other names are foreign. Total bummer. People who do that type of animation are wizards in the genius category. No wonder I never saw any How-to videos on YouTube for that type of effect. That looks to be hi-tech stuff that's far beyond the average editor's range of expertise.
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    If you can get to WHSmith, ( in the UK), there is an animation book on 3DS (DYOR) which covers all kinds of topics for this software. Cover price is 15 which prevented me looking further . . . .
    Doing a Search shows this to be an Autodesk product, so expect it to be fabulously expensive.

    Another technique you could try is the old-way with drawings on paper and use the stills-camera to create jpegs about 2Mpix - these can be imported into Vegas (or Movie Studio) as a long stream . . . . but the Editing software isn't "creating" the animation.
    There are plenty of Animation programs about - which IMHO, vary from Dreadful . . . to . . . . Mamoth learning.
    However, whilst the learning is horrendus, recall that creating a Film is also very involved, with all the Trades and investment in hardware . . . and then the Actors (Arrgh!), props, Venues can swallow much cash too.
    Gradually learning say Blender is looking like a bargain in life-works.
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