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    Hi guys check out my latest video:
    First GoPro Trails Video. - YouTube

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    Not one for me . . . but I'd like to see some cutaways showing the progress ( Taken from the woods) - then some approach-shots with the helmet-cam showing us particularly difficult tracks . . . . otherwise it just all the same. . . . . + I didn't get as far as any effects.

    However, I guess this defeats the purchase of the Go-Pro . . . . but then I suspect they should only contribute 20% of a films' content.
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    When your wearing a go pro it pays to think of yourself still as a camera man,get the range of shots you'll need to make an interesting video. pull back away from the group to get the wides, get really up close for some decent kids and cus and take the camera off the helmet and mount it to other things from time to time.
    It can sometimes put other people within the activity your recording off a bit, but if you want to make a video that will be interesting to people outside of that 'moment' who weren't there on the day then that shot range is vital.
    Just because its a go pro doesn't mean it needs to be attached to one thing for the duration of an activity. Experiment with it.

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    Have you ever sat through someone else's film of six and a half minutes from the same perspective? Not fun is it?
    Heed the advice above.

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