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Thread: Animating Images using the Pan / Crop Tool

  1. Default Animating Images using the Pan / Crop Tool

    We are making a music video using images that we are moving from right to left using the video event pan crop tool timeline. They are moving in time to the music but the problem is they are not at all clear as they move & you can't see them clearly. It's like they are jerking instead of moving smoothly. Are we doing this the right way?
    I thought when we rendered it, it would all sort itself out but it hasn't.
    Has anyone got any suggestions please

    We are using Sony Vegas Pro 9


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    How many key frames do you have for each movement ? If it's jerky it sounds like you have not got them spaced correctly. I'm not sure of the movement you are trying to make so I don't know what to suggest without more info to go with. Could you post a sample.

    You can right click the key frame and a different motion types between the key frames, there is one called smooth but I don't think this is your problem.

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    Hi Midnight Blue
    We have just 1 image per event that we are getting to move across the screen from right to left by setting a keyframe at each end of the pan/crop timeline. That's all we're using just a keyframe at either
    side . I tried the right click options you mentioned but they didnt really improve the motion enough for it to be smooth enough so the image is clear as it moves. It definitely seems like it jerks across the screen.

    If you have no more ideas I will post a clip tommorow.

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    If you only have a start and stop key frame for each event then it should move smoothly. I'm out of ideas for the moment, may be seeing it might help.

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    I cannot explain why this should be happening. Can you post the veg file (we can always substitute media).

    Whether or not this would sort out the issue, I would recommend using track motion for moving images around the screen.
    Use Pan and Crop for cropping and/or panning around an image, but track motion for moving the image.

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    Hi Tim
    I have tried it with higher res images & also using track motion instead but it's still impossible to see each image clearly. I know the images are moving fast but the song is fast & they need to move to the tempo.
    I will post the veg file.....hmmm .....sorry I can't remember how to post a veg file here? I can't work it out.
    Can someone remind me?

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    When you click on reply you then have to click on the Go Advanced button and then click on Attachments this will bring up a file upload box for you to upload the .veg file.

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    I already tried that but it said the veg file was invalid! I wondered if it was only for pictures .

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    Put it in a zip file and attach that.

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    Excuse me....are you saying there is jerkiness after Rendering?
    - OR are you using the PC resources to perform real-time calculations for Pan/Crop and Keyframing? ( This is unlikley to be satisfactory unless your PC is a very high spec. ).

    FWIW, there is a feature in Keyframing called "Smooth" - try searching, or right-click, etc. can't remember.

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