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Thread: Lossless file cutting

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    Default Lossless file cutting

    normally I use Movie Studio v10
    Strictly this is pre-Vegas . . . as I have some clipos about 10min long of wildlife - and the blighters are only present for a few seconds . . . .
    So, I'm wondering if I can "edit" the clip before saving it?
    (I save to PC "video" HDD and some external HDDs - so the "wasted" footage will be increased by at least 3x )

    In the past I've saved such files and then deleted them from the SDHC card - with the result the camera sticks new (eg tomorrow) files in their place, creating vid clips that are out of date-order. This may be the way I've set up the camera, but I'm willing to try creating a shorter file (of the same number) so when the original is removed, I can record a short-replacement using the PC . . . . will the camera notice, I wonder?

    I understand that if you edit files on the vegas(or any Editor) Timeline, then the file is likley to lose "something" - rather like continually opening a jpeg . . . . perhaps someone can advise...

    Any suggestions . . . or improvements to Method, etc...?

    In the days of Cine (ahhh), you could pause your camera, so only "good stuff" was recorded . . . but now you have to close the file, so Reopening it causes a massive delay (unless you have PRE- I don't) - so I let it run, and run, and run.
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    If you just trim a clip and don't do anything else to it. Then render it with exactly the same settings as the original you shouldn't loose any quality. IF you have the item "Enable no-recompress long-GOP rendering" ticked on the general tab of the preferences, Vegas will skip any unaltered frames of certain formats.

    Also if you select smart render on the clip properties it should skip unaltered frames.

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    you probably want something from here
    Video Editors (H264/MP4/MKV/MTS) - Downloads
    If your footage is from a Sony AVCHD camera, you can use the PMB software (I do).
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    Thanks both of you, I'll try these suggestions out . . .as to PMB - I have never found a use for it, so perhaps now I can!

    I use MovieStudio v10, so as I'm most familiar with that, maybe I'll try this first.

    I plan to copy the shortened file to the SDHC card to remove the numbering-confusion, but may try it on a "blanker" to se if it's working correctly . . .. . . . I may be some time...


    Couldn't find PMB - maybe I removed it, if I ever installed it - I recall the disc was lost for a few weeks, such was the excitement-level on getting hand on camera.
    Today, Did some testing on a 4Gb card and discovered the file-system on the PC and the Camera "preview" are not the same....for example Movie Studio rendered a 10-sec cut-down (from 3Min) file as .m2ts, whereas the original was .MTS
    Changing a m2ts to MTS doesn't work either - I'm left wondering if it's those "otherfiles" that need to be present and won't be for a file created off-camera.
    As a result of much confusion I've come to the following conclusion.....
    1) leave long files on the memory-card, but make a note of them, so they can be saved/deleted later.
    2) Save them to HDD as usual, but Edit the over-long ones Render and add them to the HDD/Masters, with the long one marked "Long0001.MTS" - so I keep only one true copy.
    3) Delete the long file on the memory card and make a short movie immediately. Ideally this is a grey-card or similar, possibly with the anticipated file number on it with the words "0001Blanker"
    4) The camera will put this new clip at the end of the preview thumbnails, although the file is named 0001.MTS and put into the place the long file occupied (on the PC at any rate).
    5) The snag with this scheme is the Memory card "Original" is destroyed, although I have one "Long copy" . . . but the shorter clip is present on all drives where I maintain back-ups. However, this is a necessary evil, since I'm trying to save the spae occupied by the wasted run-time footage.
    6) It may not be the best scheme (and I underestand now those Makers that permit Editing on-camera, although this is further fraught with the risk it could all be lost) - at least I have a single True-copy - but the sang is the memory card is filled with wasted space until I perform the clear-out proceedure.
    7) My head was hurting, and I feel it all starting again.
    So thanks guys, that has cleared-up the necessary steps - it seems it is the Camera that must Rule, so I have to create this workaround.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vidmanners View Post
    as to PMB - I have never found a use for it, so perhaps now I can!
    There's this version/function chart here that might interest you.
    PMB (Picture Motion Browser) Version / Function chart

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    I read your edit in the previous post, but a couple of links you might try if you're still interested in PMB. If not, please disregard this post.
    Sony eSupport - MHS-CM1/D - Drivers & Software
    PMB(Picture Motion Browser) Support
    Hope your head's not hurting from all of this and gets better soon.
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