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    Hey guys,

    with friends, we decided to shoot a short film, but before the actual shooting we thought to make a little test as this is our first project ever. I made a little mistake while rendering and quality of the video came out a bit low. Is the test video any good or should we stop immediately?

    Test video:

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    Is it me, or does every 2nd post on this forum feel like I'm in an April Fools Groundhog Day

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    So it's total crap?

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    No it's not total crap, but it is 10 seconds. I have to wonder how you say you made a mistake rendering a 10 second video, but didn't bother re-rendering it before you post it for opinion?

    What are you going to be like when you need a weeks worth of discipline to edit 5 minutes of production?

    Just a point to make, but keep going, I'll look forward to more.

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    Yea about that, my computer decided to troll me a little and i couldn't open files i saved anymore, so i would have to do everything all over. Since this was just a test, i didn't bother doing it again. Mistake i made was that i rendered at 720p instead of 1080p, so video is a little blurry. I am aware of how much discipline and patience is needed for such things to be done, as i have quite a lot of experience in audio production. I'm still exploring and learning in video production, but i'll give my best when it comes to shooting this short film (and of course editing it, etc.). Thank you for your feedback

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    It look like you have got flicking caused by the florescent lights you may not notice this in the viewfinder. Try a faster shutter speed and this might get rid of it. You could probably do with a bit a lighting to help you capture it as it's all a bit too dark.

    I think the fight looked quite good.

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    There are a couple of cuts which are horrible - like the first one. You've cut between two very similar shots, giving a "jump cut". Jump cuts can be very effective when used deliberately, but unless motivated tend to look bad.
    Try to vary the height of the shots - you have a number of angles and a mix of wide/medium close shots, but they're all prtty much shot from the same height (except the finl one which looked down slightly more than teh others).
    Try to get some closer close-ups as well.
    I thought it looked pretty convincing and I thought the lack of light added to the drama, although better, more controlled light & dark would obviously improve it but that takes money and practice.

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    I think it's too short to gain useful comment about techniques, although others have tried . . . .

    In future, you could try having car lights on, and use reflective screens (all out of shot) to raise the light-level, then drop it back in Edit. That helps give you more to play with and might be safer for the actors, too. A weak on-camera light could help if it's softened so it isn't obvious, yet still helps raise the light-level.
    You can add video-noise when you darken the clips . . . .
    + I'm not sure that shortening the shutter-speed solves fluorscent light woes . . . tends to be a Light source+Camera+Sensor issue. IMHO.

    You may run foul of the car-park owners - maybe reherse in daylight on the Common and do a Flash-Event when sorted.....
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