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Thread: Nasty yellow bars + luma masking issues

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    Default Nasty yellow bars + luma masking issues

    Software: Sony Vegas MS10 HD Platinum

    I am working on a project to restore a horrifically color-faded military studies film from 1958, using a government agency-supplied VHS tape that they issue, with plans to do more in time.

    At this point I am only doing early color recovery tests in low resolution.

    The problem is the conversion of their stocks of sanitized (secrecy-edited) films from Betacam SP to NTSC VHS. The artifact of wide, yellowish bars scanning upward across the frames is very annoying, and a devil to reduce without creating new problems.

    The left side is original Kodachrome I dye degradation appearance:

    Low res pod color test comparison - YouTube

    You can see more at the end of this clip, and the darkening to the right side: HARDTACK TWO preliminary restoration split demo - YouTube

    The lines are more pronounced in blue-dominated scenes, and the dominant spectral bands of the lines are red and magenta.

    A subquestion is how to produce a luminance mask to try to equalize illumination of the right side of the frames with the left, caused by gravitational dye settling in the film reels.

    Here are some random screens of before and after, strictly using MS 10 HD, with the original inset as a subpicture:

    Sincerest thanks for any assistance.

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    I don't know if this will work in your circumstance but I did see someone use the secondary colour corrector or as Vegas calls it the "color corrector (secondary)", to make a luminance mask to get rid of flickering from florescent lights. Might be worth investigating.

    From what I've seen I think your doing very well with this so far.

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    Can't help with the yellow bars but brightening up the right hand side should be straightforward.
    This does rather rely on Movie Studio haveing the "Multiply (Mask)" compositing mode - I'm fairly sure it does.

    Place your video on track 3 and a duplicate on track 2.
    On track 1 place a generated media Sony Gradient and set it up as black and white.
    What we are looking to do here is make the right side white and the left side black.
    Make track 2 the child of track 1 and change the composite mast on track 1 to Multiply (Mask)
    Only the bits in track 2 which are white should show thorugh. To check this, temporarily mute track 3.
    Use whatever FX you want to brighten the video on track 2
    Change the pattern of the gradient on track 1 to match the patter of the fading.
    This will take some paying around, but you should be able to achieve pretty good results.

    So, in summary
    Track 3 contains your original video
    Track 2 contains your brightened video
    Track 1 controls how much of track 2 is overlaid onto track 3.

    Hope that helps.

    (Note I don't have Vegas in front of me to check so I may just have missed a step or got it slightly wrong somewhere, but the principle is sound)

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