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Thread: Vegas 12 - Fluttering problems on DVD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I don't know how basic to go with this so if I say, interlaced footage is captured in fields or lines of pixels this means you have two sets of rows which make up a whole frame.

    If it is HD footage the field order is recorded upper field first or rows 1, 3, 5, etc. Then rows 2, 4, 6, etc. SD footage is recorded with lower field first ie. rows 2, 4, 6, etc. and then 1, 3, 5, etc. Progressive footage is captured one whole frame at a time.

    As your footage is HD 1080-50i this has been recorded with upper field first so your project properties need to be set for this. When you render the mpeg2 for the DVD this will have to be set to lower field first so the DVD player plays the video properly.

    I hope this makes sense.
    Thanks, that did make sense but I'm just not sure how to go about rendering twice?
    Did you mean render once as progressive, then import the rendered file back onto the timeline and render again but this time change the field order to lower?
    I think you may be on the right track with the down conversion theory as I can create a Blu-ray from the same file and it plays perfectly.

    Quote Originally Posted by vkmast View Post
    You could also try *Disable resample' and 'Reduce interlace flicker' (select events on the timeline > Edit menu > Switches) to see if it makes it any better (or worse...).
    Tried all these setting but still have all the issues, but it didn't make it any worse.

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    Did you mean render once as progressive, then import the rendered file back onto the timeline and render again but this time change the field order to lower?
    Yes if you do the down convert as a progressive then bring this new video into Vegas and render it with the standard DVDA PAL widescreen template.

    I'm not saying this will work, it's just about the only option you haven't tried. Aliasing can be a problem when down converting, even when doing it in the camera with a full size sensor I have issues. I'm sure they will figure a way around it someday.

    I don't know if someone more knowledgeable in these matters than me will come along with a great solution, I hope so.

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    Thanks - I'll try that now, just to be clear I'm rendering the first pass using DVDA PAL widescreen template but changing the field order to "none" for progressive, then re-rendering and changing back to the default "lower" setting for the second render.

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    That's right.

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    I've tried all the suggestions including the double render, but just discovered that removing the default sharpen FX from the test clips brings the issues down to an acceptable level. Whilst this effect enhances the sharpness in Blu-ray and Vimeo uploads where there are no fluttering issues, perhaps it's just not suitable for down-converting interlaced footage to DVD, does this make any sense?

    Update: Fluttering returned even at very low sharpness levels, which actually made no noticeable difference to the picture sharpness at this level anyway, so in future I will be leaving it off.

    Thanks to all who contributed, I'm a lot happier now.
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    Perfect sense.

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    Sony Vegas is notoriously poor and problematic at rendering, Womble Mpeg video wizard costs a pittance in comparison to Vegas and gives superior rendering results and is capable of smart rendering which Sony claims Vegas 12 Pro can do but people have little success with it.

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    vkmast, can you give further insight to the statement about Audio re-compression?

    Virtually all my stuff is Rendered to AVCHD and then in DVD Architect Studio v5 I drag the media (often making a small mess getting the titles in neat rows)- yes I know I can centre V & h . . . . in the "Notices" section it invariably tells me the video "title" will be recompressed and then it will also say Audio "title" will be recompressed.
    This doesn't appear to be a problem and I don't notice any "Quality" issues . . . of course an AVCHD will be sharper and quite quick, using tsMuxer and Imgburn - Yet I do like a Title-page or "Menu" and this is practically impossible, unless I use DVDAS.
    I'm not concerned about recompressing the Audio, unless it is destroying data - so I was intrigued by yr statement as it appears to imply there is a method to avoid recompression. . . .
    Can I presume any "recompression" will reduce quality?

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    the post #6 in this thread had the relevant links including this one
    In online Help (F1), search Rendering projects for use in DVD Architect.
    Any re-encoding introduces losses. If you don't notice "any Quality issues". it' s not a problem as you say.
    In DVD As "Make DVD (or BD)", Review Message List > Optimize... > Optimize Disc window gives you reasons for required recompression.
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    From experience the fluttering as you call it is sometimes happens because ofthe progressive mode of the recording, can also happen with fast shutter speeds.

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