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Thread: Vegas 12 - Fluttering problems on DVD

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    Default Vegas 12 - Fluttering problems on DVD

    I'm using Vegas Pro 12 and wondered what the correct render settings are for making a DVD?
    I've tried shooting in 1080i and 720p, then matched media settings in properties for each mode, but the problem I'm getting is when using a standard DVD template for rendering, I notice a lot of fluttering on DVD playback (on a TV) especially where there is any movement.
    My camera is a Panasonic HMC 151
    I have no problem making a Blu-ray, it's just DVD's that are giving me the problem.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you PAL or NTSC ?

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    Thanks, I'm PAL using DVD Architect Pro 6

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    In Sony Vegas render your video using the Main Concept Mpeg2, DVD Architect PAL widescreen video stream template. This will give you the correct render settings to bring into DVDA. If you want the audio with the video and not separate, you will have to tick the include audio stream, on the audio tab of the custom settings.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, but unfortunately the results were no better. I've grouped together some clips in Vegas to experiment with.
    I've got a shot of a post and rail fence in the distance which is flickering very badly.
    A shot of a white van with a straight black stripe along the side panel which becomes very fragmented and jagged as the van move into the shot.
    Brickwork on a building that is fuzzy and seems to have a shifting pattern
    A general flickering on most shots, which is more noticeable during motion and zoom shots.

    The original footage was filmed in 1080i 50fps

    Matching the project setting in project properties gives me this template:
    HD 1080-50i (1920x1080, 25.000 fps)
    Rendering quality - Best
    Deinterlace method -Blend fields
    Motion blur - Gaussian
    Adjust source media to better match project or render settings - box checked

    Render settings:
    Main Concept Mpeg2, DVD Architect PAL widescreen video stream template

    DVDA Properties
    Bit rate - 8000
    Resolution - 720x576 (PAL)
    Frame rate - 25

    Hope this gives a bit more detail.

    Also I'm testing these clips on two different players, a DVD and a Blu-ray.
    The results (using the same DVD disc) are slightly better when played through the Blu-ray player but still nowhere near acceptable.
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    I guess you should try 'Interpolate fields'.
    And it's better to render video and audio separately for DVD Architect. Otherwise it will recompress the audio.

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    It sounds like the software/codec is causing aliasing due to the down conversion from HD to SD. You could try interpolate fields setting in the project properties as suggested. I'm not sure if this will work for you but certainly worth a try. If it doesn't work you could try rendering progressive for the first down grade and then render it again with the field order set to lower field first.

    I'm just guessing at this as I don't know if any of it will work. One other thing to think about is that watching a DVD on your computer may not give the same results as watching it on a TV. So check on both before pulling your hair out over this.

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    Just tried the interpolation setting (upper field first as before) and getting the same results. I've watched the same disc on the PC and the same issues appear here also.

    I'll now try "rendering progressive for the first down grade and then render it again with the field order set to lower field first" but must admit that's gone over my head a bit. Could you explain again in laymans terms please

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    I don't know how basic to go with this so if I say, interlaced footage is captured in fields or lines of pixels this means you have two sets of rows which make up a whole frame.

    If it is HD footage the field order is recorded upper field first or rows 1, 3, 5, etc. Then rows 2, 4, 6, etc. SD footage is recorded with lower field first ie. rows 2, 4, 6, etc. and then 1, 3, 5, etc. Progressive footage is captured one whole frame at a time.

    As your footage is HD 1080-50i this has been recorded with upper field first so your project properties need to be set for this. When you render the mpeg2 for the DVD this will have to be set to lower field first so the DVD player plays the video properly.

    I hope this makes sense.

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    You could also try *Disable resample' and 'Reduce interlace flicker' (select events on the timeline > Edit menu > Switches) to see if it makes it any better (or worse...).

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