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Thread: Long videos and Ulead 9

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    Default Long videos and Ulead 9

    I have never had this problem with any other program, or version of ulead.

    Whenever I try to make one video that is about 2 hours long, it gets screwed up, and during playback WMP wont let you skip around in the video. This problem does not accrue in short videos, or in Videostudio 8. So i just dont know what to do...

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    Hi there,

    to resolve the issue it would be helpful to post details about your system specs. That way if it is a hardware or software problem it can be diagnosed by someone here. I hate problems like that, its bloody frustrating but a good ay to learn

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    I have a 2.8ghz P4 CPU

    My motherboard is a Series P4S8X-X

    I have 1gb RAM

    1 internal 200gb Western Digital HD

    1 internal 80gb Western Digital HD

    5 external 200gb Western Digital HDs

    1 internal DVD+RW Burner

    With Windows XP Pro

    I dont have SP!, or SP2

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