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Thread: Basic Workflow Post Production Issue

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    Question Basic Workflow Post Production Issue

    Hi everyone, I'm going to edit a short film in a academic project but I have an issue with the workflow on one of the first steps of the process: synchronizing audio and video files. I'm using Avid Media Composer for all the editing but I want to ask for an advice at the moment of synchronizing audio and video. I should synchronize all the files with the audio file or I should first organize all the material that I will use in folders (and subfolders) on the Finder or Windows Explorer and only synchronize that material?

    I know that the question may sound stupid but I'm new on this medium and I prefer to ask to the people that are already are involved on this work.


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    There would be no point in doing unnecessary work and syncing up footage that you won't be needing. I would organise the files into folders/sub-folders and then bring them into the editor, then sync. up the footage.

    Hope this helps.

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