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Thread: (AVC codec??) Rendering 640x360 for online video

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    Thumbs up (AVC codec??) Rendering 640x360 for online video

    Hi everyone. this is my first post here, I've been enjoying the forum for a while but even after searching I cant find the answer to my current problem

    I'm using Sony Vegas Studio Platinum 8.0

    I've always rendered to WMV then uploaded straight to Wistia

    For some reason, the same render settings I've always used now produce a 20 min video that is 1.2GB instead of the usual 140MB

    BIG difference! I can't figure out why this is suddenly happening when its always been sweet

    I read that I should be using the sony AVC codec, but I dont have that and honestly can't find it anywhere

    Please help, please please!

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    There aren't that many settings that you can change that could make the file so much bigger than usual. If you have the correct resolution ie 640 x 360 then the only other setting would be the bit rate take a look on the bit rate tab of the custom settings to see if that is different to your usual setting and double check the resolutions while you looking.

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