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Thread: What is it called/Can I achieve it in Premiere Elem 8?

  1. Default What is it called/Can I achieve it in Premiere Elem 8?


    I was wondering, what do you call the effect in a movie when the main character(s) are walking and everything else around them is either moving really slowly or in reverse. I usually see this effect in movies with dream sequences or they are on a trip or something to that extent. And the second part to this question, can I achieve this in Premiere Elements 8 or do I need something like AE or PE Pro?

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    I don't know. Please provide a link (or links) to a where this occurs. And also post the time (mins and secs) when the effect occurs.

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    Think about this, if one element is in one time frame and another element is in another time frame, it's usually two separate pieces of film stitched together. One shot using a green screen and then in post they are brought together. You can use Premiere Elements or any editing software that can cope with chroma keying (Google it, if you don't know this term) to do this.

    Sometimes this sort of thing can be faked by having the main subject move very very slowly as the environment carries on at a normal pace. When you speed this footage up in post it looks like the main person is moving at normal speed and the rest of the environment is sped up. It takes a bit of practise to make this look good. I can't see how you could use this technique to have the background in slow mo and the main person normal so you would gave to do the green screen technique for that effect.

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    Here's the link: Hit By Car, Telekinesis, Spaceships, Machine Guns : Your FX - YouTube and skip to 2:41-2:46. Thanks again for the responses. In response to the second post though, there isn't a name for this technique I feel I've seen it used quite a bit. It's similar to that scene in "The Other Guys" with wahlberg and ferrell, you know where they camera is going around the bar. The only difference there is they are frozen in poses not moving but it's still a really cool shot as the camera moves through the bar. Is there a name for that style too? I would find it a little hard to believe that directors just say "hey let's do that thing where our main guy walks forward and everything around him is in reverse". Ya know?

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    Does it matter what some people might call it, the issue is really that it's not just one thing, it's a numbers of techniques depending on what the result is or how you go about doing it. The important part is knowing how to produce it. The walking backward trick in the example you posted is simply the main person walking backward and then reversing the footage.

    The frozen in time is often a mixture of the the two techniques I described in post #3.

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    Well thank you for the response. I will play around with the features in the PE version I have to see if I can get the desired results. Thanks again.

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    Your response indicates that you haven't got the fact that to achieve these sorts of results is about the shooting not the editing.

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