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Thread: How to get to avi

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    Default How to get to avi

    Hey, its been a while since I posted here, but this is my situation.
    I have converted several old VHS onto my pc as follows:

    Captured using iuVCR and the huffyuv codec.
    Used TMPGenc to convert to MPEG-2.

    So now I have about 40gigs of video and have just got adobe premier and am ready to start editing. But apparently you cant edit in mpeg and should edit in avi. My question is what type of avi? Can you edit easily with divx? Or should it be DV?

    And the second and most important part of the question, what is the best way (software, codecs, settings etc) to convert my MPEG-2 video to editable avi?


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    Use Virtualdub - - to convert the files into either DV or maybe even RAW format if you so desire. DivX isn't suitable for editing with - it's too slow.


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