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    Sometimes when you are making a film or video you may need a specific sound effect to enhance the soundtrack. It's not always practical to record or create the sounds yourself. Buying a readily available sound effects library for these occasions can be pretty costly. Hunting for individual sound effects on the internet can be time consuming, and it's often pretty hit or miss as to whether or not you will find what you are looking for. So we decided to begin creating themed sound effects collections at a price that people can afford may be a helpful addition to our product line.
    At we have been selling affordable royalty-free music tracks and single sound effects files for easy download (these are also still available by the way), but we have now also begun to offer great value themed sfx packs too. The packs contain at least 80 sounds, with some having in excess of 150 sound effects in them. All the files are offered at 24 bit/44.1 kHz, and are available in a zip file for instant download. At only $6-95 per pack, it means that each sampled sound only costs a few cents to purchase. We think this is excellent value for money. Rather than needing to spend a small fortune on a collection of sounds where you may only use one or two of them, or alternatively going hunting on the web for cheap or free sounds (usually poor quality), purchasing these packs means that even if you did only use one or two of the sounds in them it would still be a very affordable option.
    We have begun by offering 24 individual packs, and this number will be expanded over the coming months. You can go directly to the packs overview page by clicking this link:
    Sound Effect Packs | Rocksure Soundz

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    Also check out SFXSource, they are a good source and offer 600+ sound effects and 60+ original free on Loopster

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