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Thread: Capture card for Sony HC42E HELP

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    Default Capture card for Sony HC42E HELP

    Free Jersey Royals on offer :!:
    I own a Dell Dimensions 8200 desk top pc, running XP home. It has a Pentium 4 2ghz CPU, 512RDR ram, no fire wire, USB 1, Sound card, and now has only 1 spare PCI slot. I recently purchased a Sony DCR-HC42E Handycam. The company I work for (sells Jersey Royal spuds to all UK supermarkets) wants me to make a video of the company operations and put them on to DVD to hand out to perspective buyers and worst of all I said I could do it Obviously I am going to have to buy a DVD burner, but what capture card (and software) should I buy, that suits my camcorder? and will I then be able to do all I need. I am reasonably computer literate, but have no Idea about video editing. Any useful replies I promise to send you some fresh outdoor Royals when they first come on the market April next year. HELP
    Thanks in advance
    Phil from Jersey
    Philip Rive
    Belle Fontaine Farm
    St Martin
    Jersey CI
    JE3 6ER

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    I don't know the Sony model in question, but just about any Firewire card and Adobe Premiere Elements should do it. As an alternative to APE, given what you say about your video editing knowledge, you may want to take a look at some of the Ulead stuff which, for an absolute novice, is pretty easy to pick up (because it leads you gently through each stage of a typical project - capture, edit, titles, transitions etc.)
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    Default I have FIRE WIRE, but problems

    Thanks for the reply!
    I bought a SWEEX fire wire card with USB2 as well. At first it was to good to be true, as soon as I plugged in the fire wire windows media recognised it and recorded the tape in its default settings , which I realised after viewing the results was not in high quality. But when I try to use DVI format the program hangs after a few minutes :cry: . It did the same with the bundled NERO capture software (on my new DVD RW drive) as well. The PCI fire wire card did have a optional connection for a 15w power connector, but I did not have 1 spare. Or is my PC not up to the job. I am a bit disillusioned. Do you still want some free spuds next year. Regards phil.
    Philip Rive
    Belle Fontaine Farm
    St Martin
    Jersey CI
    JE3 6ER

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