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Thread: Creating A Dark God | Visual Effects Breakdown

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    Default Creating A Dark God | Visual Effects Breakdown

    Hey guys.

    Finally managed to kick my behind hard enough to open up my old Dark God Rises, and do a simple visual effects breakdown of the process. Thats something I was supposed to do... Some 10 months ago. This is much like the one I did after releasing The Conquest Of Europa, it shows step by step from raw footage to the finished product. It is by no means a tutorial, but it should display quite well how even bad quality footage of your living room can be extended to be something relatively cool.

    Creating A Dark God | Visual Effects Breakdown - YouTube

    Thanks for watching and I hope you liked it.

    If you have not seen Dark God Rises (or have forgotten what it was about), here's link to it too:

    Dark God Rises | VFX Short (2012) - YouTube

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    Thank you for posting that.
    I enjoyed the trick of keeping the body shape relatively static (it helped having baggy clothes and hood) whilst you could move your hands (as long as they stayed in the front!).
    I read that you used AE. Was the 'smoke' trails done with plain AE (if so, I would be keen to learn the procedure); or was that Trapcode?

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    Yes, I learned that movement is your enemy if you try to do this without greenscreen. Your reasoning is exactly how I planned it, hooded figure should be stable enough and I can still move my hands infront of it.

    The smoke trail was made with Trapcode. That was the main reason I didn't include anything about making it, as it is almost identical to the one on Andrew Kramers tutorial. I believe something very similiar could be archieved in native AE too. I was positively surprised when I experimented with it in the Europa short.

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