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    Recently completed this for a Glasgow-based musician. It's called figurehead and uses non-newtonian fluid in a vibrating speaker to create a little sea for a boat to sail around in!

    Would appreciate it if you checked it out.

    Jonnie Common - 'Figurehead' (Official) - YouTube


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    I thought it was a good idea but felt it just wasn't quite developed fully enough. It's interesting to see the different elements but after a while you do feel the lack of narrative.

    It's a great idea as I said but needs more interesting story line.

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    I think you're right Midnight - this is very often the case with music videos, Often there's a good idea, but the idea is not really capable of being extended for two and a half to three minutes. One way of overcoming this limitation that we often see is to intersperse shots of "the plot" with shots of the band. In this case I did feel that there was a narrative, but it didn't really draw me in. I liked the bass part, it felt like it was constantly just ahead of the beat - as if it was anxious to get there. Not unually a compliment but meant as one here!

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