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Red means that the footage needs to be rendered to play back properly, yellow means the footage looks like it will playback, but it's not strictly compliant (for example it has a different extension to the one expected). I assume you applied an effect to the first clip? If you render (hit enter in your keyboard) does that part play back fine? Do you let cs6 chose the sequence settings? I.e right click on the video and select create sequence from clip?

Gopro offer free software to convert footage to something more easily editable for older editors. Have you tried this?
Thanks for the tip. If I render the sequence anything green plays fine. Anything yellow still skips until I render that clip, then it plays fine as well. It just seems to be these hi res go pro clips. When editing, I usualy convert the GoPro footage to a premier preset using BroSoft video converter. The yellow clip above is one of these (raw gopro footage behaves the same). I will give GoPro's Cineform studio converter a go and see it if makes a difference.

I have also notised that the final rendered clip from Premier is less then flash as well......see link. This is all HD footage and should look a lot cleaner then that!