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    It's been a while since I've been doing anime reviews in my room, where everybody here helped me fixing the quality of video... now I'm doing almost the same reviews with a friend of mine on blue screen and with dual DSLR's. Well, first three episodes were on black background, but it didn't look that good. At the same time I did a blue screen League of Legends Slovenia news and I was so impressed with ending product, I wanted to make the same with 4. episode of anime review. So I did.

    I did found some problems, when finishing it...
    - sound is cracking because of the tie over lavalier microphone
    - there is some background sound of birds (because it's not shoot in isolated room)
    - and I think I overreacted with colors, specialy with actor

    And I don't know really what to place behind the actor... a blured image, a sharp image, blured video, artificial studio. I tried different approach in 5. episode.

    The episode is with English subtitles. I would be happy to receive some comments for improving the production before continuing with new episodes...

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    I don't see the English subtitles. Am I supposed to turn them on? I do like the blurred image behind the cut out of the eyes. Cool music in the background. The box to the head... kills!!! I would love to sample it (lol) for a hip hop track!
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