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    Default Widescreen desktop monitor

    I am thinking about getting this 17" widescreen LCD monitor for my computer at home.
    Was wondering if anyone could tell me if it's good or not (don't know much about monitors)

    I use my PC for lots of editing and watching the occassional dvd

  2. Default Looks OK but try to find some reviews of it in a magazine

    Looks OK but try to find some reviews of it in a magazine. I see it doubles as a TV

    Alternatively, you could look at the Samsung 730MW - similar spec and connectors but also with SCART for plugging in a set top box TV.

    I've got a Samsung 730MW and I'm pretty pleased with it!

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    That monitor does double duty as a PC monitor and a TV monitor. It has standard TV inputs. If you don't have a TV, you should get that.

    But you can get a monitor that's just a standard PC monitor for a lot cheaper. In fact, for about the same price you can get a 20" widescreen LCD. A 20" screen will be much bigger than a 17".

    Dell 2001FPW 20" widescreen LCD

    There's one of the more popular ones, a Dell 2001FPW.

    I apologize if any part of this post did not make sense. I have been awake for 30+ hours (Working on a video, no less ). Ah, the wonders of caffeine. Mmm, coffee...

    Edit: That URL a few lines up in my post was pretty long; it was stretching out the forum tables which is a big no-no. I changed it to a link for ya.

    Edit again: I didn't realize that price for the 17" LCD is not in US dollars. I don't know how USD compares to AUD, so I actually don't know how expensive it is compared to the one I showed you. I am tired.
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