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    Hello all,

    We create corporate news videos in house at my company Mortgages for Business. I use Camtasia to do post production and we sort of hash it together and it all works rather well, most of the time, ish. I want to improve what we do with the videos, the lighting especially is shocking, and the sound from the road outside occasionally is audible (the thunder of lorrys going by, that sort of low frequency, very hard to filter out noise).

    Check out the following link: Get an instant buy to let mortgage illustration from Keystone - YouTube

    What would you fine, professional and creative folk recommend to improve the output? I was thinking:

    • A blue screen for the background to remove the distracting context. A sound deadening curtain might help remove the background noise.
    • Lighting! Get a couple of spot lights, Davids face is too dark.
    • Software. I used Camtasia because that's what we had. It works (surprisingly well), but it is more a tool for catching footage from your screen.

    Thanks in advance,


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    The aim, I assume, is to portray the man having deep skills, knowledge and experience, and who is offering the viewer professional financial advice. Indeed, by the end of the video, the viewer should be so impressed that they use the company's services. Anything less may put off potential clients.

    Yes. Audio needs adjusting. If it is only low frequencies you want to remove; that is a simple process.
    Yes. Lighting so we can see his eyes and not a big shiny patch on his head.
    Camera. I can't tell the quality of the camera, but it looks like my web cam does on a good day:(
    Frames containing lots of text with a small font. Hard to read. And the frame on the right had vast amounts of text. It was worse than the opening scenes of star wars.
    Editing. Sadly, the single camera angle got really boring to watch. I recommend using more standard video editing software (not camtasia); and then perhaps edit the speech in to having sections of him talking; and other with useful and explanatory graphics or text.

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    The background is not distracting. It looks like an office.
    TimA's comments sum up very well what needs to be done. How you do it would take weeks to write.
    All I would add is that if this is to go on a website, move the text to the website where it can be read at the viewer's pace not a pace directed by you - which the viewer has to guess. Any text on screen is a distraction - just think of the rolling headlines on news programs - you can concentrate on what the newsreader is saying but if a headline pops up which interests youm, you will lose trac of the newsreader.

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    I won't touch on the things said by the others except to say the audio needs to be much better or people will just give up on watching. A simple clip on mic would work wonders for this and is a must for your next video. It's a small investment for a large return.

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