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    Hi everyone,
    I'm currently seeking work experience as a camera assistant and editor and I have been advised to make a website promoting myself, I was also advised to make a showreel but I've minimal footage and I have two young children so I don't have alot of free time to do 'self funded' projects so I'm trying to get hold of some runner work to do during the day but not really getting anywhere with it. I'd appreciate it if I could get some feedback on my site I'd be very grateful! Also, based on the sit am I at all hopeful of getting any work?
    thanks, tim.

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    Firstly you have to decide what you want to do.

    What sort of camera assistant do you want to be? Movie, television or videographer?

    If you want to be a movie or television camera assistant, you have to learn your trade first. If you want to work on features, then I suggest finding a rental house and starting there as a general dogsbody. Spend time learning how to assemble, set-up and maintain cameras because that will be your job as 1st or 2nd assistant. Another way in is to find where features are being shot and get a job as "local labour", humping lighting and grip gear about. Impress them with your enthusiasm and they might let you start humping camera gear about.

    If you want to work in television, then find a production company and work as a cable-basher which involves (guess what) humping gear about.

    If you want to assist a videographer... Find a local videographer and offer to work for him.

    Whichever route you chose you will be working for minimum wage and have to learn the craft of being an assistant. It's not as easy as the title suggests.

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    Great reply thank you. I've already contacted all the local videographers without much luck, then I contacted about 20 corperate video companies and followed them up with phone alls and the best advice I got was to make a website and showreel. Next step is to contact rental companies, I have a day off Wednesday so I might even turn up to some offices paper copies of my cv, thanks again.

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    It's important to realise what being an assistant involves.

    The clue is in the title, it involves helping the camera(wo)man to do their work. It means assembling and loading the camera, cleaning the lenses and filters. Having spare tapes/cards and batteries on you at all times. Carrying the tripod and accessories. You will have to know the gear inside out. You will need to know what the various menus are, how to adjust settings and what the defaults are. You are a technician. If you work in television, you will have to liaise with the sound crew. If you work in news you will have to monitor and be responsible for the audio.

    It does not involve being creative. In fact the last thing a cameraman needs is a "creative" suggestion from his assistant. So, a show reel is not necessary, testimonials from people you have "assisted" are far more important.

    If you are assisting a videographer, the ability to find a parking space near to the venue is more important than the ability to compose a picture! That's what he's paid for and your purpose is to make his task easier, not to take it over. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a cameraman wants another cameraman to assist in making the image. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    So, saying that you have an eye for composition and can do a bit of lighting won't impress. A clean driving licence, experience in sound recording, awareness of the functions of the camera, a knowledge of electrics and the ability to quickly solder an xlr socket will be far more likely to get you a job.

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    Maybe i will drop the camera assistant then, i've had more success as a camera operator and got a job coming up through my job experience efforts. I know i've not done my time as a trainee to know the craft and the jobs ive seen advertising as 'experience' painted the position of camera assistant as a trainee cameraman, from what you've said its obviously a skill of its own. Glad i asked now!

    I've made some more changes to the site and added a 'work blog' would be good if anyone could check it out.

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