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    Hi everybody
    I'm a 16 years old student from Italy and i take place in a little video contest in my country and the first price is about 500 for the most likes on Facebook... So i made this short video about power and powerlessness.
    I think that we humans think that we can do with the world what we want but there is still one stronger power: Nature...
    This was the point from which i started and after some weeks i finally finished my work. I'm not really happy video the result because
    in retrospect i think that i used to much text and not a good story... The next time i think i will use more story, because it will make the video more exciting..It would be a great help for me if you can take this 5s to click on the link to help me, because how i said i'm 16 years old and as teenager you never have a lot of money... The name of my video is "Iron Shell II DSLR Shortfilm" (The video with the sad girl as thumbnail ) yt link Iron Shell || DSLR Shortfilm - YouTube

    I also would ask you if you have some tips for me for some coming video like camera settings, color correction or other things, because i'm online "happy" with two of my 20 videos (This means that I would make this video a second time the same, all other i would change something) and i think that's not so good...:(
    I have generally problems to show the people my feelings which i had during editing and shooting the video, i can't show the viewer not that what i wanted... So anyone has some tips how i can remove this problem?

    Greetings Fabian
    Shibby for life, chill for sleep...

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    You have some nice shoots in there... and with better composition of text, it would look much better. You don't need to have all the text same size (once I even noticed it went off the screen), because it has to be more subtle on picture. You were right to add it, but you'll still have to nail it right.

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    Agreed some nice shots in this. The times laps looked good. Not sure if the message of "power & powerlessness" really gets through to the viewer but I liked the piece any way.

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