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    Default music for promo DVD

    I am putting together a promotion video for the UK Backward Run and have been trawling websites for 4 hours looking for suitable music that isn't too expensive to use. Can anyone help with suggestions of suitable music please.

    I really need 2 pieces for the following video UK Backward Run 2013 - YouTube (its still in editing stages, but thought this might help to explain what I am searching for).

    The first music is for the three sentences that flash up, something that emphasises each sentence. A good example is the start of this video Arizona 2013 | Tough Mudder I've come to realise that orchestral and film music don't work.

    And I would also like to replace the music on the video with something a bit more rocky which would appeal to people aged 23 - 50.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Try THIS LINK at for the intro percussion sounds. A good source of reasonably priced royalty free music can be found at Tracks are around 10 each.

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    Thanks Midnight Blue

    Sadly the seems to be under maintenance so if anyone can help, I would be really grateful.

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    It seems to be working fine right now.

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    Thanks Midnight Blue.

    Great sight and all sorted.

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    My cheap Pinnacle Studio 12 includes a royalty-free music generation with a variety of styles. You can generate "music" to the precise length needed. I use it to generate 30 nd 60 second beds for radio spots as well as some music for videos. Even if you never use the video editing, the savings in buying music is worth it in the long run.

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    I'm surprised the program doesn't tend to generate "the same" style. . . is there somewhere the music can be reviewed?

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