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    i done a video animation for goolets company. Its my first animation and i want your opinion about it how bad or good is...
    Here is a link:


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    "Is this your wish of travelling" is not really the way English is spoken by English people. Although all the words are technically, right to an English mans ears it sounds like a foreigner trying to speak English or a poor Google translation. You would be better saying something like, "Is this the sort of holiday you like" ? or "Is this your idea of a great holiday" ? Also the word Goolet, should that be Gulet or is Goolet like a trade name for a particular companies gulet? There are some other "not quite English" phrases used in other places so I'd take the time to get the script looked at by professional translator or English script writer.

    I thought the animation was find for it's purpose so if you tweak the script it will be a good animated promo.

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