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    Hi. I'm new here, and indeed to using camcroders in general. I have PowerDirector 10 on my PC, which seems to come with a reasonable sound editing application. What I could do with advice about is getting voice into the thing. I've tried fiddling with a Plantronics headset/mic, just to test it out, and the sound is, inevitably, rubbish. Looking around, mics seem pretty pricey, and I'm not going to be doing enough commentary to justify a big investment.

    So, does anyone have any advice on reasonable quality mics to plug into my PC and record commentary/voice overs?

    All help gratefully received!

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    Have you checked out the sound of your camcorders mic? I don't mean from a distance (which will suffer room noise etc) but speaking directly into it / across it. This may well be good enough, if the camera is silent. Try it from 18 inches.
    If your camera has a mic input a cheap tie clip (lavalier) can work surprisingly well (Audio Technica ATR 3500)
    I'd record onto the camera (or a digital recorder) rather than the PC as you stand much more chance of picking up noise or interference from the PC.

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    I agree with Tim, if the budget is tight you should already have a mic on your camera that should be good enough for non professional work but only if you use it correctly. Normally when filming the should from the camera is not very good because you are too far away from the subject talking and you pick up all the room sounds/reverb etc. If you are about 10-15 or even 18 inches away from it as you talk, it should do the trick for you and save you forking out on a mic that will get very little use. Just test it and make sure you don't over modulate or peak as this will cause distortion.

    If this doesn't work there are reasonable digital recorders (Zoom, Tascam) that will do a good job.

    The normal voice over mic is a Cardioid Condenser Microphone, I believe the best known in the business for voice over is probably something like the Neumann U87 but as this is thousands of pounds more than you want to pay, You could work your way down from there until you hit your budget. One thing people forget is that one mans voice will sound better with one mic and another with another. As we are not talking about big budgets go for the best you can afford.

    I often use my Zoom H4n for voice overs and I think it's good enough for me.

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