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Thread: Best Lighting Kit For Videos?

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    Default Best Lighting Kit For Videos?

    Hi everyone,

    I am doing some videos (mainly talking to the camera or interviews) and am not satisfied with the current light output. Currently, I use a setup of 110 watt fluorescent bulbs for the key and fill light and a 45 watt for the backlight. This isn't enough light for my needs.

    Here, is what I am looking for:

    1. Greater light output but want to stick with fluorescent bulbs because they don't give as much heat as other light sources.
    2. I want to use softboxes to help take out the hard shadows.
    3. The lightining kit needs to be durable and can easily break down, moved and be put back together.
    4. I am looking to spend $500 to $1,000 here.
    5. I also have started doing some food photography so if certain softbox lights could also be used for that purpose it would be ideal.

    What recommendations do you guys/girls have who make videos? Thanking everyone in advance for their help.

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    110w would suggest you are using a 2 bank. Although they should provide enough light for a modern camcorder, these aren't really meant as key lights so I would suggest a 4 bank.

    In your price range you are looking at chinese crap. Fine to start with but spend the money wisely and buy Kinoflo tubes to put in the units. They cost more but will make your subjects look "right" as opposed to Osram and Phillips tubes which are cheaper but need quite a bit of "tweaking" with gels or in post production to get right.

    If you are working professionally, you should be buying proper kit such as KinoFlo, Ianiro or Kobald 4 banks. Their design and materials makes them more colour accurate, more solid and more efficient than the chinese rip-offs. In the long run quality units will save you money.

    So, I would suggest a KinoFlo Diva Light for your main source with a couple of 300w Arri or Ianiro Solaris fresnels as kickers, backlights and effects. Get a Photoflex reflector and stand for fill and you're away.

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    Hi Rob etc, would you consider this chinese crap, or a step up from that? I just want something that performs close to decent, and this looks strong yet economical. CRI is rated at 85+. Also how do you think these would perform in an informal stage setup (cafe style) for when filming acoustic band sets? Currently the venue has flouro,s, I think these would have to be better.

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    Our 'spare' kit looks something like that - actually we have a 6 lights like this that only really come out when we need to do a mobile green screen studio. They work well enough but take a long time to put up and take down because of how the bulbs are packaged and go in/out. They aren't really controllable in a 'dimming' sense. You can turn bulbs on and off but in reality you're in to the inverse square law of moving them closer or further away to get things right.

    At least they have a reasonably constant colour temp and we have no problems keying from them.

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