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Thread: Feedback needed please on new Music Video shot with a Canon EOS 650D

  1. Default Feedback needed please on new Music Video shot with a Canon EOS 650D

    Hello all, Im a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland.
    If you have a moment for new music please check out my latest music video shot using a Canon EOS 650D.
    All feedback welcome : )

    Broken World (Official Video)
    Chris Keys - Broken World (Official Video) - YouTube

    Chris Keys Facebook page

    Chris Keys Youtube channel
    Chris Keys - YouTube

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    A very competently made music video. You must be very pleased with it.

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    Hello, thanks for commenting!
    I am indeed happy with the video thou still feel i could have improved in some areas!
    I will be making alot more music videos too as its pretty costly to get someone else to do it, so its only the start

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    Which areas of the video do you think you could have improved ?

    As you didn't ask, I will pass on one piece of advice about making videos and that is to get in it a narrative. Just as a lot of songs have a storey or message, I think the best a music videos have some sort of narrative. So should either tell a narrative story line or communicates a message. Your video, although visually interesting, with the stuff being tipped over the TV, didn't seem to fit with the song.

    I could have missed the point but it didn't seem to me that it was connected.

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    Yes totally agree with what your saying, a lot of people like visual part but a bit more story may have helped.
    I just think some of the cuts could have been better too!
    Thanks again for the advice

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    FWIW I liked the audio . . . good seapration between instruments and vocals....very nice.

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    i think the video was great

    the old TV set worked

    the paint worked

    if I would change anything at all, I would film it around a campfire instead of on a stage


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    Thanks for that, good to hear

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    Cheers Zamiotana i campfire would be class, maybe i will use that in another video!! Good thinking.

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    Forgot to mention we also used in the video 300 shotgun shells, 30 white rose's, 2000 in notes, 200 syringes, 40 glass bottles, 200 cigarettes, 20 clocks & 1 Tv

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