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Thread: Poor DVD Quality from AVI....Encoder Problem?

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    Default Poor DVD Quality from AVI....Encoder Problem?

    Basic Info:
    - convert from Sony Digital Camera using firewire
    - capture using MyDVD5.2...avi file
    - edit with Showbiz and bring convert to MyDVD (mpeg2 at DVD quality, or so it says)
    - add menus and burn (used BEST setup)
    - watch on 58" digital widescreen tv

    Situation 1:
    Need to burn older 8mm tapes (2 hrs per tape is approx. 26gig avi file)

    Situation 2: Need to burn Digital 8 tapes, filmed in widescreen mode (1 hr per tape is approx. 13 gig avi file)

    a. burned the full 2 hours of regular 8mm onto 1 DVD... quality not so good... will try to split into 2 DVDs to match quality (less compression will help, yes?)

    b. burned the 1 hour Digital onto 1 DVD and the quality is nowhere near the original tape, especially when camera was moving

    1. will I have to wait until dual-layered dvd burning, etc is here before I match the digital 8mm tape quality? can I even come close? if so, how?

    2. do I have to be concerned about telling a burning program how to burn (widescreen or 4:3)? MyDVD has no option.

    3. any other tips I should know? (I've read alot, but the more I read the more I'm not sure if it fits my situation)

    At this time, I'm going to spend the time burning my regular 8mm tapes, at 1 hour per DVD. Sound game plan?

    Thanks for any info!!

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    Default Showbiz avi causing my quality problems?

    I bring in the original video, filmed by Sony Digital 8 in 16:9, using the MyDVD capture. I then edit in Showbiz, and 'Make Movie' as DV/avi file. Now, when I play the original avi file, using Windows Media Player, it indeed shows in widescreen. If I play the Showbiz-saved avi, also using WMP, it looks 4:3. Could this be causing my current quality problems?

    I'm hoping to save the Showbiz avi, then use TMPGenc to improve my current quality, and then author and burn with MyDVD, but if the Showbiz avi has the wrong aspect, it kind of kills the whole point.


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    Default Showbiz not 16 x 9

    Finally got a reply from Arcsoft. Showbiz does not support 16 x 9. So, it appears I need to find a new editing software.

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