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Thread: Making a HD dvd with pinnacle studio 12 ultimate

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    Default Making a HD dvd with pinnacle studio 12 ultimate

    Hi guys !

    I'm a totally newbie and I would really appreciate some helps right now.I have a Sony HD camera, the picture quality is just awesome but then when I connected to the pc, import all the parts in to pinnacle 12 studio ultimate, the quality isn't very good( I mean at the small screen at the top, on the right).I'm not sure if this pinnacle's problem ( or it's always like that !? ) or it's my vids problem.And I really hope all my hd videos won't come out to the dvd with that kind of quality.Any ideas ?


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    Hi Ngodilan,

    Can you say what type of files you are editing? - When you work with HD files, the default setting provides a downres'd preview file (for viewing). This makes things much faster for workflow. You can instead have full-res preview files, but you may experience freezes. You then burn the files in full res. To change, go to 'video and audio preferences' and check 'enable full resolution preview'

    "Pinnacle Studio Plus works natively with HDV and AVCHD footage. Native HD support means you'll get the same pristine quality from your original source all the way to final output; without transcoding and in real-time. You can even combine projects that mix standard and high definition video and photos for a final result in full HD resolution"


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    Hi man !

    I'm currently working on some .mt2s files.But I think you're right, the program sets the quality of the vids down when preview so it's faster but I think the quality that comes out will be full HD.


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    I've encountered another problem : after I've done creating the content ( I chose making AVCHD dvd ), I've already put my Normal DVD inside, after the pc start roaming for a while, it stopped and said Burning Failed ! Please make sure to use an empty disc or erasable disc. I was guessing that my DVD isn't compatible but I'm not sure, is there another kind of dbd ( not blu-ray ) for making AVCHD vid ?

    Pls help !

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    I have a problem in finalizing my latest Photo Movie using Pinnacle Studio 12. I have made many movies in the past but this one won't complete. I have done all the usual things arranging the pics, interacting the transitions and laying the music soundtrack. When completed, I clicked Make a Movie. It went through the initilizing phase. I chose DVD and highest quality it then commenced scrolling through all the frames preparing to make the movie. It was all looking normal but when it should come to the completed task and when it would usually ask to insert a DVD disc to write to, it does not show this it simply says something like (I am away from the PC were I am doing it ) process successfully completed. And that is all it does. I do not get the final movie burnt as a master. My burner is working fine. Any ideas out there?

    Incidently, on another level, Are MP3 sountracks okay or Wave File more preferable?
    Thanks to all

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