Hi everyone, I'm working on a wedding video at the moment, and the footage from 1 camera is interlaced as upper field and the footage from the other is lower. The majority of the footage is from the higher quality, upper field camera, but for some reason when I do Adobe Dynamic link (from Premiere cs5.5) its default DVD settings seem to be lower field first. When I export the DVD, it looks OK but theres something a little off to my eye, a slight fuzzyness or jaggedness that I can only assume is down to the interlacing being wrong. However when I go to Encore I cant see a way of changing these default settings. If I go to File - Edit Quality Presets I can save copies of the presets but 1) I cant overwrite the default DVD settings and 2) I cant choose the custom setting (upper field) that I saved when its time to burn the DVD.

Can anyone help me so I can test whether this interlacing is affecting my DVD? Thankyou!