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Thread: Roxio EMC7.5 - Adobe Premiere Elements - Dazzle 90

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    Default Roxio EMC7.5 - Adobe Premiere Elements - Dazzle 90

    I bought Roxio EMC7.5, but - in spite of following all the advice re updated drivers/defragging/hardware acceleration etc. -I failed to render a video where sound & picture didn't go out of sync. I had used EMC7.5 to capture a video from a home-recorded DVD+R, so I thought I'd try another video editing package on my captured material.

    I bought Adobe Premiere Elements, but it refused to accept the Roxio-captured file. Is this because the Roxio file is, in some way, proprietary?

    Anyway, my main requirement was going to be to capture video from a VCR. So I bought a Dazzle 90 convertor in order to supply material to either the Adobe or the Roxio products. It refused to copy anything to my PC - in spite of my changing everything (cables, adaptors, choice of USB2 socket) and updating all drivers (video, audio, Dazzle).

    The question is - is there any point in going on? Should I spend 200 on a Canopus convertor? Or would that be another waste of my money? Shall I just wait 10 years until the problems have been sorted out by others?

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    Default Need more information

    So, what happens when you try to capture from Roxio or Elements? Do you get an error, or does nothing happen? You probably need to check your settings or RTFM to see what's wrong.
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