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    I'm new to all this but have been doing quite a bit of research before I take the plunge.

    I am about to buy a canopus ADVC110 A-D convertor to allow me to get my VHS recording into my PC in digital format

    As Im splashing out on an ADVC110 I want to keep the analogue signal going into the convertor as clean as possible.

    I plan to use a switchable scart adaptor to plug into my VCR. From there I'll run S-video and 2xphono(audioL&R) to the advc110

    1. Can anyone recommend quality cables for the s-video and 2Xphono (AUDIO) cables to minimise signal loss?

    2. Do I also need to keep the cables as short as possible or will the loss be negligable even if I go up to say 3 metres?

    any help is greatly appreciated



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    Keep the cables as short as possible and if you can, go for cables coated with 14K gold on the ends.

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    thanks for that. any brands you can recommend that have the 14k gold ends?

    I cant seem to find any web reviews of cables at all - been hunting all over. any websites you know that review such things?

    the brands ive been looking at are:-

    belkin pure AV (not the silver version)



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    Well Belkins are surely OK, and there's also a German manufacturer, VIVANCO, much cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by svhs
    Keep the cables as short as possible and if you can, go for cables coated with 14K gold on the ends.
    I was intrigued to know why you'd keep the cables short, so googled the answer:

    Mismatched impedance is one of the most common and most frequently experienced sources of signal degradation. This phenomenon occurs when a high frequency bandwidth signal, designed to be matched to a characteristic impedance of 75-ohms, encounters different impedances through its signal path (IE. Transmission Line), usually on the order of 35-ohm or 50-ohm for Home Theater applications. It can occur in long runs of video cables (> 1/10th the wavelength) that do not use true 75-ohm cables, or it can occur from the DVD player or the TV monitor, depending on the nature of their internal impedances. This mismatch can create a bounce back effect or reflection that results in a delay and/or loss of signal level for certain frequencies. Thus for component video cable, transmission line effects of any cable lengths beyond 3 meters (remember 1/10 of 30 meters) must be considered.


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    thanks for the info.

    I had a reply back from canopus as well saying they recommend 6feet maximum for video cables.

    there seem to be many options out there - bu I like the look of the pureAV silver range from Belkin - anyone had any experience with those?


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    Pete: one thing to look out for - there may be a post on here somewhere dealing with it that I think I recall seeing recently, but I can't be arsed to go and look for it - is a potential issue using a SCART to S-video converter: did I read somewhere that you'll only get a monochrome transfer? Or was that in relation to a specific hardware/software configuration. Fyi, I use SCART to whatever they call it with the three RCA plugs, and it works fine (but maybe not of the quality you'd be looking for).
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