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Thread: How do I turn off Scripting?

  1. Default How do I turn off Scripting?

    I have this Vegas Script called Quake that I was experimenting with, unfortunately I cant seem to turn it off & my whole video is caught in the most terrible catastrophic earthquake! Does anyone know how to turn it off? Please...

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    You can't close Vegas without saving the changes? Kill the program and restart?

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    I've already saved it because i want to use the script. Unfortunately while I was experimenting with it I have several instances of the script running where I don't want it. I can't find how to remove these instances of it where it's not wanted.
    In fact I cannot see how you stop or remove the script at all, all I can see is how you start it working!

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    You may need to search for the project file that has the .bak extension (eg. whatever.veg.bak) as this is the Vegas project file backup.
    Rename this to whatever.veg and try opening it.
    From VPro online Help:
    When you save a project, .veg.bak files are created in your project folder to allow you to return to the project's last-saved state.

    If you have a recent version of VPro, you might even have the NewBlueFX Film Camera options to use instead of Quake.
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    Thankyou for your replies, but either you are misunderdstanding me or I have absoluteley no idea about these scripts.
    Are you saying that once you've started one of these scripts you cant remove it or change or stop it? So all I can do is go back to a saved version of the project before the script & start again?
    I had no idea they were so uncontrollable! All I wanted to do was stop the script running or modify it in two instances where I've used it in my project. If I go back to an earlier version before the script I will lose so much work I've done.

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    I suppose you will need to edit the script, which I have no experience doing. This is what Vegas says about editing scripts:
    All you need to edit a script is a simple text editor (and a working
    knowledge of JScript or Visual Basic .NET scripting). The scripts that are
    included with Vegas Pro are fully
    commented to help you find and edit the parameters you need.

    1. Create a copy of the script (.vb or .js) file you want to edit, assigning a
      descriptive name to the copy.
    2. Open the new copy of the script in your text editor.

      Edit the script as needed. The comments in the script will help you find the
      parameters you need to edit.

      Comments are indicated with double forward slashes: //.

      For example, the AddEffectToAllMedia.js script includes the following

      // This is the full name of the effect plug-in you want to add.

      var plugInName = "Sony Timecode";

      // This is the name of the preset you want. Set this to null if you

      // want the default preset.

      var presetName = "SMPTE Drop (29.97 fps)";

      The default script applies the Sony Timecode plug-in to all video media in
      your project using the SMPTE Drop (29.97 fps)preset. If you wanted to apply the
      Broadcast Colors plug-in's Extremely Conservative - 7.5 Setup preset to all
      audio media, you could edit the script as follows (changes appear in red):

      // This is the full name of the effect plug-in you want to add.

      var plugInName = "Sony Broadcast

      // This is the name of the preset you want. Set this to null if you// want
      the default preset.
      var presetName = "Extremely
      Conservative - 7.5 Setup

      The plugInName variable should use the plug-in name that is displayed in the
      Plug-In Chooser. The presetName variable should use the preset name that is
      displayed in the Preset box in the FX window.

      3. Save the script.

    If you understand that then your more of a man than I am.

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    You cannot use "Undo" if you closed the file.
    Hope someone familiar with scripting will be able to help you.
    MB: more of a man than me too

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    OMG I had no idea it was so complicated!
    Thank you for all the script editing info, but I'm afraid I'm not a man either!
    As it happens I have found a way round it, when I went into Event pan/ crop I could see exactly what the script had done to each clip & could edit it all there & even remove it!

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    Simplest solution indeed, go back and edit. Good you worked it out.

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    Vegas Quake creates multiple Pan/Crop keyframes, so I guess you want to remove them from some events?
    You can use another script (like Reset Pan/Crop from Vegasaur) or do it manually: Open Pan/Crop window, select all keyframes, press Del, repeat for each event.
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