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    Hi all , so i just joined the Forum, have been Editing for about a month now, and finally put a video together of Gymnastics, i have seen so many Gymnastics montages on youtube and what struck me the most was there seemed to be no connection between the music and the footage, so i set about putting one together that i think connects the music to the video footage, i am pleased with how it turned out, it was a lot of manual work, rather than any clever scripting or plugins, there is no post processing, all the cuts are by hand and the footage is as is, this is my third Video, i pray that you'll be gentle with your criticisms

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    I think you made a great job of cutting this together. From your work I get that you have an great natural feeling and understanding about the craft. You are very fortunate to have this as some people work on it for years and still don't have that emotional connection with the work they are doing. I took a look at the Neo/Trinity video you made which just underlines what I'm saying.

    One thing in this piece which I may have done differently is the fast cuts near the beginning went on a bit too long for me. I would have tried to speed up the cuts on more of a gradient, ie cut on the first of the four beats then the one and the three beats then on all the beats. If you know what I mean.

    Well done.

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