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    Hey i make Montages/game play on my YouTube channel. And i am looking for people to say how i could improve my videos so it gets me more views and is also funner to watch for the viewers here is an example of one of my videos War Thunder - The all mighty Beaufort Mk Vlc - YouTube (I know my editing sucks on all the videos, lets just say it not strong point lol)
    Any Constructive criticism is more then welcome

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    I can't suggest how to increase viewers. One of my own YT clips has been seen 200 times in the past year; and I have less than 10 subscribers. Your clip has been 'viewed' over 3,000 times in the past few days; and your channel has around 3,000 subscribers. I am surprised you have not already had lots of feedback from your many viewers.
    I agree, the editing is not your strong point; and I urge you to read more in these Forums. Although many posts are from people with cameras; many of the things they discuss are equally relevant to you. For example, titles and credits, use of audio, length of clip and scenes, building climaxes, creating drama and providing the best lighting, or using video software to enhance colours.
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    Yep lol my editing is pretty bad but i plan to improve it hopefully through tutorials/general post's on this forum

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    What software are you using to do the editing? And which aspects of editing do you already think are bad?

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    Adobe After effects and basically i just know how to split a video and add music so i need to learn a lot

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    IMHO, if you know as little as you say; then you are using entirely the wrong software if you wish to start learning about video editing. Read these forums; see for yourself what software most people discuss. I feel sure that game play can be edited into fantastic looking clips; but lacing rubbish footage with AE's effects is more futile than resisting the Borg.
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    Im just gonna say all i do is split the clips and stick them all together lol (pro editing i know)

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