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Thread: Streaming Video online - a cheap and simple way?

  1. Default Streaming Video online - a cheap and simple way?

    Has anyone got any ideas for streaming some video online, that isnt going to break the bank, or require any major equipment purchases

    Ideally i would like to output from the AV out on the camera ( or the DV out ) and into a laptop, and then stream that online, as it comes from the camera

    Quality just needs to be watchable, certainly doesnt have to be HD or anything, especially if it helps with speeds or costs

    And the only other thing, is that it would be done from out in the field, so would be very limited on power supply etc, which is why it would be done on a laptop on a mobile connection

    Any ideas? is there even such a way of doing that cheap and easy ?

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    A Google search for: stream live video, appears to shows a number of companies offering this facility. I have no idea about their costs.
    AFAIK, the principle is as the OP describes. The user's laptop would maintain a connection to the server; and maintain an upload of the 'live' video.
    The quality may depend on the available bandwidth between the laptop and the streaming server. Thousands of end users will receive the feed from the server.
    I suspect the cost of the software for the laptop is very low (in some cases, Windows Media Player may be suitable); but the choice will depend on what software the streaming server uses.

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