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Thread: Artifacting/Skipping in rendered video

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    So this is my first time using sony vegas trying to make a project for my spanish class. The video created random artifacts, random skipping, artifacts during transitions, etc. The audio is completely fine, but the video is really messed up :\. The settings I used to render it were .wmv extension, best video/audio quality, etc. The artifacts did appear in the preview but not the skipping. Here is the full video: spanish project final - YouTubeMy computer also has good specs so I don't think that's quite the problem.Intel i7-9506GB DDR3 1600 RAMRadeon HD5850if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Try using the "Upload to YouTube" template or the Internet templates under MainConcept AVC/AAC (mp4) or Sony AVC depending on your Vegas/Movie Studio version.
    Further recent discussion on the subject e.g. here

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