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    Hey there guys!

    Last february I was in Belgium for a week and, as usual, I like to take advantage of trips to make videos, like when I was in Barcelona I did a mini-doc about a street musician I found in my way.

    This time around I decided to grab the topic "chocolate", which of course is a very well known thing in Belgium. I wanted to film a chocolate kitchen/factory, some diferent chocolate products and interview someone that knows a lot about the topic.

    So I emailed "The Chocolate Line", a shop in Antwerp, and they were kind enough to let me film everything in their store, plus interview Dominique Persoone, a really well known chocolate maker in Belgium. The guy was amazing and had incredible things to tell us. He told us the history behind belgian success in the chocolate business, explained us how he got to the business and eventually showed us some of the most crazy products he's done (like a machine for sniffing chocolate, made for The Rolling Stones!)

    There's also a part at the end that was really fun to shoot: we just stood in the middle of a crowded street and gave chocolate to people, in trade of them letting us film them eating it and their reactions.

    Enough talking, the final video is now online, enjoy it and, as always, I'm waiting for the constructive criticism

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    I think you've made a cracking video. I very much enjoyed it.

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    I agree. I think this is a really good video, on a subject which many (most) people will have a great deal of affinity with. The interviews with Dominique are excellent - well lit and good quality sound recording. I like the way you have kept the commentary going whilst showing different aspects of the process. The music is also a very good choice, reminding me of a clockwork music box. It fits very well. The shots were just about the right length, which kept a good pace for the film and enough variety.

    However, because the film is so good, may I please make some small suggestions, so that you might make it even better?

    When I watched to this first, I listened through speakers, I thought I was hearing wind noise in places, as in the first scene, there seemed to be a certain amount of echo. Then I listened using headphones. Around 1:35-1:45, there is quite a deep bass tone, which I now think is part of the music, but it detracts somewhat, as it sounds a bit like microphone boom. It might be worth taking that out if you can.

    Close-up shots: you have wisely included some very effective close-up cutaway shots, but because these were handheld, the camera wobble detracts from them slightly. I appreciate you may not have been able to use a tripod or similar, but because the subjects are not moving, you could reduce the shake by slowing the clip to half or one-third speed and/or using pixel tracking in After Effects.

    I would consider changing the sequence of the clips to an extent. At about 2:05, Dominique says "...and the people love it." This could be a good point to introduce some of your people in the street, demonstrating the tasting of his products. It would help to make the film feel more unified, rather than a film in two parts. Doing this would also allow you to use Dominique's grand gesture at 4:37, at the end of the film instead, which would be a nice way to round it off.

    Would it be worth trying a 2-5 frame crossfade between the various shots of the people in the street? Just enough to soften the changes.

    Finally, I think I would be tempted to edit out the reference to the email from the German. It took me a moment to realise what he'd said, and that might not find favour with all audiences!

    But well done. It's a really well made film.

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    Being able to interview Dominique who is not only an expert, but clearly well practiced in explaining his craft to an audience was an absolute gift. It would be hard to make a bad video.
    But you haven't opted for simply making a good video, you've worked very hard on ths. no only is it well filmed, but you've gone out and captured a load of excellent shots clearly with a mind to using them in this video (why else would you shoot several people in the same pose in the streets?), chosen some great music and structured this in an interesting and engaging way.

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