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Thread: Music Video - "Split Persons"

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    Default Music Video - "Split Persons"

    Haven't been here a while... will have a look through some of the other videos here soon and comment....

    Anyway here's my latest offering for a band called Split Persons with a song by the same name: SPLIT PERSONS - Split Persons - YouTube

    Any feedback is always appreciated.

    Cheers, Rob

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    An interesting video for an interesting song Rob.

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    I thought Midnight was being a bit dismissive when he said it was "interesting", but actually he's exactly right - without being dismissinve.
    I like the whole thing. The analogue synth, a lovely drum sound,intersting polyrhythm created with the guitar 2/3 of the way through - very clevery constructed aroudn a very simply pedal riff. And the video seem to do exactly what it should. It shows us the band, it illustrates a stoty. It progresses. it has a twist.
    I thought it was great.

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    It wasn't my intention to be dismissive. I was just in a hurry when I saw this yesterday so I had to summaries.

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    Great video and cool song! nice work

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    It's always difficult to gauge the tone in written text so no worries Midnight Blue. Thanks for taking a look guys.
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