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Thread: Timelapse Film is a very slow Sequence of jpegs

  1. Default Timelapse Film is a very slow Sequence of jpegs

    Haven't been on here in ages! I'm a bit rusty!

    I've got a timelapse sequence I downloaded that came as a huge sequence of jpegs which I've imported into Sony Vegas Pro.
    The trouble is it doesn't play like the timelapse video I downloaded it from, its about 30 times too slow! Now I know if I made each jpeg smaller on the timeline it would play faster but is there a way to batch edit them all together, or is there another way of getting it to play faster? I tried speeding up the playback rate but I couldnt get it fast enough!
    I'd be very grateful for any help!



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    In the preferences on the editing tab you can set the "New Still Image Length" in seconds. So for example if each still image is one frame and the frame rate is 25fps then set the amount to 0.033 this will then show 25 of the still images per second. When you have set this then bring all the images onto the time line and is should play ok for you.

    This is asuming it is 25fps and not 30fps.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Thank you Midnight Blue, that works a treat!
    Hey I remember your first video you made, the one you did for that old 1960s rockstar. Yes the one where you got your wife to dress up as a lady of the night & parade up & down your street!!

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    Ha Ha. Yes, the neighbourers where wondering what was going on.

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