Hey thnk god i found this website and i hope anyone ANYONE can help me.

Ok, so i have been using my DV500 capture card and Adobe premier 6 on my computer for ages and its never ever given me any problems, leading me to belevie its the best! and i still think it is, However i got a new computer and i decided to mave my capture card from my old PC to my new PC and it was fine installed every thing ok, just a few teething problems.

NOW, i have the biggest problem, it does all the jobs ok, but when i capture footage it is fine, HOWEVER wen i go into my hard drive where the footage has been captured and open the folder it opens the a little box for the footage and this makes it not able to deleate footage, The box is small and it has PINNACLE VIEW WINDOW written on the top of it. but it doesnt actuly open the video file. Does anyone no what this is????Because it is really not helping me, aspecial as i went into Adobe Encor today and it would not let me inmport Video because this box kept comming up and it would say can not import.

If anyone knows whats going on hear and knows how to solve it. i will be happy for ever and ever! and i will make you my new best friend and invite you to all my birthday partys!

Please help me!!!