Hi all
I have looked thru this forum and it seems you guys can help with my basic question! Knowing nothing about capture I decided that on my new pc I put together now would be a good time to sort out all my old videos onto DVD. So I goes to my local shop and tells them what I want. 30 later I walk out with a video capture card by mercury (dont say anything!) Waste of time money etc. A week of piddling about and several visits to the shop[ later & them playing with it - still pants. Doesn't record very well in fact doesn't do much! So I look around. I know research first etc. but I thought I could trust the local shop. Just seems they didn't have a clue. Soooooo.
I need to capture video from an ol VHS player. Clean em up a bit where the colour may be unbalanced and burn em to DVD. So composite in good home quality at a low price. I have been given by a friend adobe premiere (?) which I have been told will do the software bit. But I need the card. Help? I am a lowly home user and want the best quality on the best budget. Please find it in your heart to help this poor lost soul.......