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    It looked like it was well filmed but the over use of the film burn was a bit distracting. What happened to the rest of the song ? Is it not finished yet ?

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    Yes is not finished

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    I don't nderstand the language, but heard making money in the fast lane. . . . and that with use of what looks like a church and audio that is up-front doesn't quite match IMHO.

    The interior visuals are dark and rather choppy with camerawork, so I'm left tinking why you used it for location*, since the audio is (obviously?) done somewhere else.

    +I didn;'t notice any Burn effects, but I was distracted by the content/location/studio.

    A very competant film, but find somewhere else, perhaps?

    * and did you get permission - this is important if you want to show yr skills to a larger audience.
    [{ I know nothing, but maybe if "making-money" is the theme, you could demonstrate how giving to the Church has helped others. . . . this would speed-up your application to film and mabe they'd light the candles for free...]]

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    yes the audio is studio work

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    I didn;'t notice any Burn effects
    What do you think the first seven seconds was ?

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    The location looked nice and I think maybe a few cutaways to include some of the decor, statues might have worked? I didn't understand the language either so can't say if that would fit with the theme of the song.

    I liked film burn, but yes maybe a bit more subtly. Used at specific times for specific shots.

    There were also a few shots with too much head space above the singer. You used a low angle shot earlier and I think that would have looked better if you wanted the high parts of the church included.

    A few shots looked a little dark, but overall it was nicely filmed.
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    The rhythm and flow of the verses are great! Universal quality in the delivery shines through. Way too much burn/sunburst.. after the first 2 seconds.. it should definitely be turned down a lot or taken out. The "outside" of the church MIGHT help (statues/construction) but personally I see ENOUGH of the church in what you have so far... depending on how much more you would be showing for the remainder of the video. IS THAT A SHEMAGH? GREAT LOOK!
    Really wish I knew the language... but like i said, the flow is abit infectious so I don't HAVE to know the language to feel the vibe...
    Funny thing is, I just finished up a video project where church-related motifs were featured. I thank ya kindly to provide some feedback to me as well.
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    hier is de video

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    I think you made a great job of this, well done.

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