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Thread: Unable to edit panasonic HXD DC2 footage

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    Default Unable to edit panasonic HXD DC2 footage

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me.

    I recently purchased a Panasonic HX-DC2 however the software disc that comes with it doesn't recognise any of the video files why I try to edit them (they are mp4 files). The software then freezes and just closes by itself. It's my wedding I am trying to edit and then put on DVD.

    I also have Adobe premiere pro 2 on my PC, but you can't import MP4's. Next I tried a video converter to convert the mp4's to avi files....actually I have tried several, some came out pixelated, some came out with just sound and no picture and haven't got a clue as to why. I then tried converting the MP4's to Mpeg2 and also to .mov files which you can open in premiere pro 2 but the quality on them is absolutley terrible and they don't playback properly.

    What I'm asking is, can anyone recommend a converter that converts to avi that is genuinley good (if you have used it before and been happy with it) and doesn't loose much quality? Or is there any way of importing MP4's to premiere pro?

    Any help is much appreciated as I am at a complete loss. I feel like I've got a camera (and my wedding on video) that I can't do anything with!

    Thank You!

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    Try downloading a free trial of Sony Vegas and use that for 30 days to edit your wedding.

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    on a similar note I have a Panasonic Lumix TZ10 and have recorded with camera in vertical position and am now not able to view downloaded 'movie' clip unless I turn the laptop 90 degrees - can anyone assist?

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    You can turn the footage around in Sony Vegas and most other editing software.

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    I agree with Midnight Blue. I have been banging on about Vegas since about v.6. It's always been ahead of the pack in terms of functionality, especially where filetypes are concerned. At many points in time, Vegas has been the only software available which could edit certain files, such as 50fps progressive, AVCHD, etc. But for some reason, Vegas has always been shunned by 'professionals', who seem to think you have to have Avid or Premiere. On one occasion, I ran a comparison time trial to render files and produce a DVD. Vegas won hands down, and beat FCP by a huge amount..

    But if you really want to convert those files, Freemake Video Converter is pretty good, though it doesn't seem to correctly identify the frame rate of the source material correctly all the time. But it is free!



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